TPR latest pensions auto enrolment awareness

According to the latest research by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), based on surveys carried out between February and April 2016, the understanding amongst small employers of their duties under pensions auto enrolment saw a significant rise from 68% to 81%. Executive Director of Automatic Enrolment, Charles Counsell said: 'More than 9 in 10 small employers [...]

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Savings allowance

A new savings allowance is available to basic and higher rate taxpayers for 2016/17. The amount available depends on the individual's circumstances: If any of the individual's income for the year is additional rate income then the individual's savings allowance for the year will be nil. If any of the individual's income for the year [...]

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Budget 2016 – for contractors

The Government has published its budget for 2016. So, what does this mean for contractors working through umbrella companies and PSC's? The following extracts from the Budget 2016 outline the governments intentions: Umbrella companies and employment intermediaries Salary sacrifice – The government is considering limiting the range of benefits that attract income tax and NICs [...]

A Solution for Buy to Let Landlords

A Solution for Buy to Let Landlords following the Summer Budget Unfortunately, Contractors with a buy to let property had a nasty surprise in the Summer Budget as Osborne undertook to ‘level the playing field’ in the housing market. Under current rules income tax is only payable on the profit made by a landlord after [...]

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Budget 2015

The chancellor's full speech Mr Deputy Speaker, Today, I report on a Britain that is growing, creating jobs and paying its way. We took difficult decisions in the teeth of opposition and it worked - Britain is walking tall again. Five years ago, our economy had suffered a collapse greater than almost any country. Today, [...]

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Recruiter opens its doors to C4

Dragonfly, the company behind the popular documentary series 'One Born Every Minute' is set to capture the hustle and bustle of a Bradford based recruitment agency for a new Observational Documentary series that is due to be aired on Channel 4 later this year. The 'Recruitment Agency' will step inside the world of employment business [...]

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Good News for Umbrella Companies

Has the Government finally recognised the value of responsible compliant Umbrella Companies? In a response to a question from Welsh Conservative MP Guto Bebb, "To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, what steps his Department is taking to stop agencies using umbrella companies to manage the payroll function of companies within the construction industry." David [...]

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HMRCs Top 10 tax excuses

HMRC reveals the Top 10 tax excuses from 2014 HMRC has revealed its top 10 list of awful tax excuses. Appeals for failing to meet last years tax return deadline cover a diverse assortment of political figures, geographical locations, dometic pets and wild animals, but are unified in the fact that their ridiculousness fails to excuse [...]

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Miliband promises minimum wage increase

Ed Miliband, leader of the current Labour Party has promised an increase in the national minimum wage to £8.00 per hour should Labour win at the next general election. Speaking with the Sunday Mirror and the Observer, the Labour leader said it was "not good enough" that one in five people in the UK were [...]

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