Tax-Free Childcare

The roll-out of tax-free childcare happened in stages with parents of the youngest children eligible first. With the roll-out now complete, the scheme is open for any parents with children aged 11 or under. Here's what you need to know: Any parent with more than one child will be able to sign up to [...]

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The 2019 Loan Charge

Arrangements that claim to get users out of the 2019 loan charge HMRC is aware of a number of arrangements being promoted which claim to enable users to escape the 2019 loan charge. HMRC’s view is that these arrangements do not work and users are advised not to sign up to them. While promoters claim that these [...]

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Increase to the National Living Wage

ALL workers received a pay boost when the National Living Wage was increased on April 1 - those aged 25 and over have been helped out by November's Budget. The National Living Wage is the amount of money all employees aged over 25 are legally entitled to. It used to be known as the National [...]

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Systems Outage

We are currently experiencing issues with our Internet and Telecoms as a result of a fault with BT. We are advised by BT that they are working on resolving these issues ASAP. IMPORTANT - ALL Umbrella payments are being processed as normal. Please note that we are unable to correspond via e-mail until such time [...]

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Updated student loan deduction guidance

HMRC have issued updated guidance to employers on how to deal with student loan deductions via the PAYE system. Employers should familiarise themselves with the guidance which has been updated to reflect the introduction of plan 2 loans which are repayable from a different threshold but at the same nine percent basis. With effect from [...]

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Charity news

Annual returns The Charity Commission, which is the relevant body for charities registered in England and Wales, has announced that its latest annual return is now available and can be found on GOV.UK. All registered charities, in England and Wales, with an income of more than £10,000 and all Charitable Incorporated Organisations reporting on their [...]

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Bristol North Baths project: Work resumes with new contractor

Work to redevelop a former Bristol swimming pool has resumed after the "long overdue" project was put on hold when the council terminated its agreement with the previous contractor. The city council said it had now appointed CW Duke to complete the Bristol North Baths scheme. The contract with Chatsworth Homes was halted last year [...]

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TPR latest pensions auto enrolment awareness

According to the latest research by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), based on surveys carried out between February and April 2016, the understanding amongst small employers of their duties under pensions auto enrolment saw a significant rise from 68% to 81%. Executive Director of Automatic Enrolment, Charles Counsell said: 'More than 9 in 10 small employers [...]

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Latest ONS labour market statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced that in the three months from March to May 2016, the number of people in work increased. The number of unemployed people and the number of people not working and not seeking or available to work (economically inactive) fell.The statistics reveal that there were: 31.70 million people [...]

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Have you accessed your Personal Tax Account?

HMRC are advising employers that their employees may benefit from accessing their Personal Tax Account. These accounts allow taxpayers to view information about their tax affairs and advise HMRC online about changes that may affect the tax they pay. The services available through the Personal Tax Account include: checking income tax estimates and tax codes [...]

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